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Finding a job as an international in Denmark is hard. But fear not – Kate has uncovered the secret sauce for success. Tune in to discover:

Kate’s captivating journey to Denmark for love. The inspiration behind Kate’s entrepreneurial leap sparked by a conversation at language school. Proven short and long-term strategies, along with active tips, for securing your dream job in Denmark. In these tips, you’ll find answers to:

  • Why you need to remember the Janteloven way of applying in the Danish cultural context 
  • Why to add a personal profile on your CV
  • Why it’s important to contact companies for the job ad and how to ask the right questions  
  • Why you can’t survive the Danish job market without LinkedIn and why you need to start posting
  • Why you need to start inviting people to coffee meetings

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Kate Dahl

Kate Dahl

Career Consultant for Internationals in Denmark. Founder of Career Denmark since 2018. Expat living in Denmark