About Kate Dahl and Career Denmark

Kate Dahl

Who am I

American, with an academic degree from Germany

Lived and worked in Denmark for 7+ years 

Professional Motivational Speaker 

Workshop Facilitator and Lecturer

Founder and Owner of Career Denmark

Kate Dahl

Career Consultant for Internationals in Denmark

Career Denmark brings additional value by creating events, courses and talks to promote your international brand and services

The mission of Career Denmark is to help companies find top international talent in the non-traditional form of recruitment: networking events.

I am a driven and passionate professional with 4.5 years of experience being an English teacher in Germany and 4 years of international sales and partnership experience in Denmark. I made the initaitive to help international’s in Denmark in their job search since May 2018 and officially became an entrepreneur in June 2019. 

Throughout my career, I have obtained valuable experiences, such as brand marketing, content writing, intercultural and interpersonal communication skills and open dialogue competences.

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