Individual job search coaching

Kate Dahls job search sessions

Valuable information

We provide information about the Danish labor market. Personalised to every participant.


Each session is between 40 - 90 minutes. All Kate’s preparations are done before the session, so you can focus.

Feedback on your work

Direct feedback by Kate Dahl on your application with only feedback session afterwards.

Materials included

Kate Dahl’s successful CVs, cover letters, eBooks and exercises to help you with your job search

Individual Job Search Sessions (Coaching)​

Pay as you go

DKK 1250.-

one individual session

Pay as you go

DKK 1500.-

one individual session + extra feedback


DKK 4500.-

five individual sessions

* Individual session / Topics we cover: CV, Targeting the Application, Analyzing the Job Ad (Making the Call and Email to ask the right questions), Job Interview Preparation, Unsolicited Application, How to Network, LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Content

** Written Feedback on CV, LinkedIn profile, Unsolicited or Application before the meeting

How we do individual job search sessions?

1. Written feedback

Preparation for the session, we analyze all documents sent by the client.

2. Meeting

Online session with Kate Dahl on conference software of your choice.

3. Written feedback

Extra feedback can be provided after the online session.

4. Materials

E-books and additional materials to succeed after the online session.

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