Spouse Career Program

The Spouse Career Program contains 7 individual meetings with a professional career consultant, who will dedicate time, focus, and network on supporting the spouses towards their next job – regardless of if it’s a part-time job, a full-time job, or freelance projects.

The meetings will be tailored according to the spouse’s background, current struggles, and knowledge of the Danish labor market.

The program is suited for English speaking spouses striving to land a job in Denmark.

1:1 Meetings

7 individual session


8-weeks course with 6 modules

Motivational talks 📣

Events for organisations (A-kasse, unions, job centres/municipalities and newcomer services) where Kate Dahl trains the members on different topics.

At the event career consultant, Kate Dahl will use her own experience being an American in Denmark as a starting point for giving you general advice on how to go about the Danish labor market. Through the story of her successes and failures, she will focus on the importance of having intercultural and interpersonal communication skills training and present internationals with strategies to communicate their value to Danish companies.

Working in Denmark can be a struggle for many internationals. Career consultant, Kate Dahl, will take you through her own history and knowledge of the various work experiences she has had in Denmark, from Law of Jante, to trust, the flat hierarchical structure, and all the unwritten rules that are unspoken in the Danish workplace.

LinkedIn Consulting

Individual sessions (consulting) on LinkedIn profile, creating LinkedIn Content and how to network for your business.

Pay as you go

DKK 2500.-

one individual session


DKK 6500.-

three individual sessions

Topics we cover: Feedback of your LinkedIn profile, Creating content on LinkedIn and How to network for your business.


Clients & Partners 🤝

Having been able to connect with so many candidates and partners in the last few years makes us very happy. These are some of their experiences.

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