Be aware: fraudulent job offers in Denmark

Recently we have seen an increase of fraudulent job offers coming from Denmark to people who live outside of Denmark. Career Denmark wanted to write this article to raise awareness about this and inform you how to protect yourself (and, in the end, your wallet and nerves) against these fraudulent job offers.

Have you received a job offer that sounds a little bit too good to be true?

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark: Job offer scams are set up by private individuals, usually by social media, who make fake job offers to professionals aspiring for an international career. By pretending to function as recruitment agents for Danish companies, such individuals deceive professionals into believing that they have been offered a job in Denmark. For their services, the fake recruitment agents often charge a considerable amount of money.

Be aware of what is the process to obtain a work visa

The official website for information about the application process is the website of the Embassy of Denmark in the country you are living in and on the website New In Denmark via The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) . Here you can find full instructions on how to apply for a work permit, including information about fees. The decision to grant or refuse an application is taken by the Danish Immigration Service in Denmark.

Be aware of the offers on Facebook

In recent years, there was an increase in fraudulent offers and activities connected with getting a job in various Facebook groups. We advise that you do a background check on the companies that are mentioned in the Facebook post as well as do a background check on the person posting the advertisement.

Are recuitment agencies saying they can get you a visa?

Be aware! Recruitment agencies can help you establish contact with a company in Denmark. A recruitment agency cannot offer you a work permit. To receive a work permit, you must personally receive a specific job offer from a company in Denmark. Once you have received a job offer, you yourself together with the company in Denmark can apply for a work permit. For full instructions on how to apply, visit the website of the Embassy of Denmark or the website of the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration

Note: Career Denmark is not a requirement agency – our approach is different. We create a base for you to find your dream job in Denmark

Where to look for jobs in Denmark?

You can check current open positions by visiting our job seekers page. There are also a bunch of pages where you can check jobs within your field:

How do I know if a company from Denmark is genuine?

The holder of registered phone numbers in Denmark can be looked up online, e.g. at Note that also false companies can have registered numbers. In order to validate the existence of the company in question, you can look up the company in the Danish state’s “Central Business Register” where all Danish companies are registered. Keep in mind that the offer might refer to a genuine company, but still be fraud.

Be aware: Most genuine companies do not use Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, or similar types of e-mail accounts, but has their own e-mail domains. Keep in mind that the offer might refer to a genuine website, but a false e-mail ID.

Use Virk to check information about Danish companies:

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