8 Tips to Learn Danish for Free to Boost Your Job Search

Learning Danish can be smart for those seeking new career opportunities in Denmark. This is especially true if you want to find work outside of Copenhagen. Even though many Danes speak English, getting a job without some Danish skills can be a challenge.

Mastering Danish can also be more than just adding a new language to your skill set. It can open doors to exciting jobs and valuable networks. This means joining local communities where you can network with fellow learners and native speakers. This enriches your professional network and improves your chances of landing your dream job.

However, as a job seeker, it may be tough to invest in learning the language, especially if you’re on a budget. Fortunately, there are various ways to learn Danish for free. We have written some tips below to help you get started.

Take Danish Courses at a Language Center

A great way to learn Danish for free and impress employers is to take Danish courses at a language center. There are more than 50 state-approved language centers, which offer free teaching. Private language schools offer paid courses for those seeking a more tailored learning experience. Language centers usually offer classes during the day, evenings, and even Saturdays. They also have courses at varying levels from beginner to advanced.

While mastering Danish will open doors in your job search, the advantages go far beyond that. These courses give you a solid foundation in grammar and pronunciation and a good start in learning. These courses are also a great way to meet new people. Maybe they could even become your new study buddies to practice Danish with. Danish courses take time and effort, but it’s an investment in yourself and your future in Denmark.

If you’re interested in a language course, contact your local municipality for more information.

Learn Danish for Free - 8 Tips to Learn Danish for Free to Boost Your Job Search - Career Denmark
Learn Danish for free by watching TV Shows, Videos and Movies

Binge-watch Danish TV Shows, Videos and Movies

Learning Danish isn’t just about textbooks and grammar drills. It can be an engaging adventure that unlocks a whole new world with entertainment. DR, the Danish national broadcaster, offers a treasure trove of shows and movies. You can watch and learn Danish for free while putting on Danish subtitles in the streaming platform DRTV. Pick a genre you love –  a gripping crime drama or a hilarious comedy – and get ready to be entertained while learning Danish.

You can also look up clips and videos on Youtube to find Danish influencers to watch, such as Jeppe Ølgaard, Guldborg, and Jas & Mika. Another idea is to watch famous bands and musicians like Natasja, Kim Larsen, Myrkur and many others. Your youtube possibilities in learning Danish are endless!

Watch Danish News

DR and TV2 offer local and global news, so you can stay informed and learn Danish for free at the same time. Start with shorter pieces and gradually move on to more complex topics. This is a great way to learn useful words and learn about what’s going on in Denmark.

Many newspapers, like Weekendavisen and Politiken, offer deep dives into current topics. These types of articles also help you to widen your vocabulary and learn about Danish society.

Level up with Podcasts

Do you love listening to podcasts on your commute or while doing chores? Find Danish podcasts that pique your interest. Whether it’s true crime, history, or even just funny banter, there’s a podcast in Danish out there waiting for you to help you learn Danish for free. There are also podcasts for beginners. They have short episodes about topical themes. These types of podcasts have clearly spoken Danish, for example, Dansk i Ørerne.

Learn through your Passions

The key to staying motivated is to make learning fun. Dive into topics that truly fascinate you. Are you obsessed with Viking history? Explore Danish-language resources about the era. Do you love cooking? Look up Danish recipes and food blogs. You can take courses at adult education centers like FOF and take cooking courses, take an art course, or maybe learn some pottery. Anything that you want to learn is at your disposal at these centers!

By reading about things you already enjoy, learning Danish will start to feel less like work. It will feel more like an exciting journey. Take advantage of Danish libraries and their wide collections of different types of books and e-books.

Learn Danish for Free - 8 Tips to Learn Danish for Free to Boost Your Job Search - Career Denmark
Learn Danish for free via your love of hobbies, like football!

Find Hobby Activities

Job hunting can be stressful, and having a healthy outlet is crucial. With hobbies you love, you can combine fun and learning. By finding activities in Danish, you’ll clear your head and boost your language skills.

Many sports clubs welcome newcomers. Joining a local football or badminton team is a great way to exercise. It’s also a way to meet new people and practice spoken Danish. It all happens in a fun and active setting.

Sports aren’t your thing? No worries. There are many hobby groups. There are book clubs for literature lovers, knitting circles for crafty minds, and more. There are options like dance studios and yoga classes if you prefer a more individual pursuit. But, you can still talk with instructors or fellow participants.

The key is to keep an open mind. Whether you want to revisit a favorite activity in Danish or try something completely new, a group or class is waiting for you. Try searching local hobby groups and find something you enjoy doing in your free time.

Volunteer and do something for the greater good

Denmark has a thriving volunteer culture. It offers many opportunities across diverse fields: for example, you can volunteer at a community center, an animal shelter, or a local festival. While volunteering, you get to join in everyday Danish conversations.

Many volunteering roles also offer transferable skills that can enhance your resume. You’ll gain valuable experience, and this can set you apart from other applicants. These skills can be for example event management and communications. You can highlight your volunteer experience on your resume and show initiative, commitment, and passion to a potential employer.

Interested in volunteering in Denmark? Check this article: Why volunteering in Denmark can help you professionally.

Join Language Meetup Groups

Language meetups offer a vibrant social space to practice Danish skills and connect with fellow learners and native speakers. Textbooks and apps are great resources, but a real-life conversation is unmatched for learning a new language. Language meetups bridge the gap by providing a relaxed and friendly environment to use your Danish in a practical way. 

Meetups come in all shapes and sizes. Many libraries host language cafes, where you can chat with native volunteers over coffee or tea. These sessions are a fantastic way to gain confidence and practice everyday Danish conversation. Check if your local library, international communtiy or local langauge center hosts these meetups.

You can also find Tandem Exchange partners to learn Danish for free in exchange for teaching your own native tongue. You can check out various Facebook pages by Swap Language.

Be Patient and Enjoy the Ride

Learning a new language takes time and effort, so be patient. Celebrate your progress along the way, and don’t get discouraged by setbacks. Remember, the key to successful language learning is consistency and practice. Keep challenging yourself, stay motivated, and before you know it, you’ll speak Danish with confidence!

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