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Kate Dahl

Landing a job in Denmark as an international is very difficult. I know this because I have been there myself many times as an international. In the last 4 years, I landed 8 jobs in Denmark with an unemployment gap lasting no longer than 3 months. Therefore, I have extensive, practical experience as well as I have been successful in all types of job search strategies. I understand the pain of finding and getting a job in the happiest country in the world. Now, following my passion, I help internationals do the same by giving them training on more than the CV and Cover Letter the Danish way. I focus on the analytical approach method I have created. This includes how to job search the right way, getting ready for the job interview, networking, how to target the application and make that call to tie it into the application in the Danish cultural context.


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A successful job search is all about the right choices. Where, when and how to apply. Which arguments to choose for the cover letter, which stories to share during the job interview. But the most important is the choice of the right person to guide you and help you with all of the above. I was lucky to meet Kate Dahl just before I became unemployed. Suddenly realising how little I knew about the Danish job search process, I became fascinated by her story. I came to one of her workshops. And I kept coming, every time learning something new. How to call the companies, network, prepare for job interview, communicate my value. Suddenly all of this stopped being stressful and became a fascinating journey instead. Kate is very modest, but also efficient and talented. When she shares her own experiences, it is not to put herself in the spotlight, but to make us realise the challenges we are facing as internationals and the way to overcome them. Her events are full of practical tips, and she has her way of keeping everyone's attention by involving the participants, asking relevant questions, using examples - all spiced with humor. Thanks to Kate not only I got a new job, I also learned a lot about myself. And I know who to call if I need to find a new job at some point in the future. Does Kate have all the answers? Better: she has the tools you need to find the answers (and your dream job!) yourself. In my case, I landed my dream job at Danish Crown in Administrative HR!  

Marta Jensen

I got an immense help and support from Kate during my one-year job search in Denmark. She is very creative with workshop organization and material presentation and it’s clear she knows perfectly what she talks about. It’s always not only informative but also motivating and entertaining. I was not lucky with job interviews, but I did finally get a job at SDU as a researcher after listening to Kate’s advice and attending her workshop on the job interview. The workshop has given me a lot of inspiration and confidence. Kate is very dedicated and clearly believes in what she does and very good at it. Internationals job-seekers are lucky to have her!

Olga Kudryavtseva

Kate does not only have substantial experience of the Danish job market, but also some serious “formidling” skills - she communicates her insights clearly and supports them with vivid examples and anecdotes. Already after the first workshop, I started understanding the recruiters I was contacting much better. This helped me figure out which strategies I had employed were wrong, which were good, which needed improvement. Besides learning, Kate’s workshops are also a great opportunity to practice networking and meet resourceful people with useful information and contacts. Thanks to all of this, I have made great progress in my job searching efforts, and I am currently working as a Content Marketing Specialist at Zliide (Aarhus). However, I would’ve probably still be searching if Kate hadn’t been doing one very important thing in all her workshops: insisting that we should take initiative and helping us find it in ourselves. It took this kind of a bold step forward to get my current job, and I am grateful to Kate for helping me make it.

Aleksandar Petrović

Kate's passion and drive to give the best advice and support to expats in Denmark is unparalleled. An honest person who genuinely enjoys helping others by sharing all the best and worst she has been through. She communicates in such an effortless yet effective way that all her experience she shares stays with you for a long time. She tailors her thematic and useful courses to her specific audience extremely well and it is an absolute delight to listen to and work with her. I now work as a Research Assistant at Aarhus University because I went to Kate's course on "Fear of Rejection: How to Make the Call."

Emese Loki

I attended some of Kate’s workshops on what to pay attention to when looking for jobs in Denmark and how to write a CV and cover letter fitted to Danish standards. Besides giving advice Kate has also been building a big professional network in Denmark. I was introduced to one of her connections and managed to get the job at My Best Book as Country Manager Netherlands using her tips and tricks 👍

Bonnie Bogers

Kate is one of the most experienced people when it comes to being an expat and looking for a job in Denmark. Her insights are very helpful and on point, which is what makes her a great consultant able to deliver real results. The very same day I just mentioned that I’m considering looking for a job, Kate started to give advice after advice, not expecting anything in return. Now she took her consulting on the next level, which I think is a perfectly logical step. It is also Kate, who helped me to get where I am now - happily employed at Nordic Innovators as a Junior Consultant. Many thanks to you, Kate!

Jan Rezek

When I first started in my job search in Denmark, I was clueless how to land a job in Denmark . Then I saw an ambitious, experienced individual who gave a talk on “job searching in Denmark." The tips I got from that talk were really helpful . I implemented it in my routine and that helped me a lot in landing a new job in the happiest place in the world. Yeaaa!!!! I now work as a Compliance Manager at EveryonePrint. Thank you Kate for your valuable inputs.

Gopal Krishna

I had the privilege to attend Kate's workshops for job searching. She loves what she does and you could see that in her eyes. I personally got a lot of inspiration from her workshops. She is a great public speaker with a lot of enthusiasm. She has helped me in my journey as a job seeker and I now work as a Quality Lead at Siemens Gamesea.

Masoomeh Atyabi

I had the pleasure to attend several of Kate's presentations and workshops on job seeking in Denmark. As an international in Aarhus myself, it was great to get advice from somebody who has been in my shoes before. Kate is a great public speaker and you can be sure to get great tips and tricks - whether it is about your CV, LinkedIn or how to handle interviews the Danish way. She was also very encouraging and I think these workshops are also a great way to expand your network. Definitely go check out some of her next presentations! Because of her, I landed a job as a project manager at Sustainary.

Adéla Hájková

Kate is very cooperative, responsive and easy to work with. We got in contact while I had some obstacles to attend one of her courses for Landing a Job in Denmark and she found a solution very fast. She possess the qualities of a great trainer, transferring knowledge in non-formal and very efficient manner. Nevertheless that I thought I have the tools and knowledge for successful job search, Kate gently guided the group into the Danish labor market context, enrich my job search strategy with new creative ideas and inspired me for my further search. Thank you, Kate for helping me get my position as a Recruitment Consultant at IT Optimiser!

Antoniya Petkov

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