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Valuable information

about the Danish labor market.The sessions are full of information based on hands-on experience from the danish market. Best strategies tailored for each type of session whether cv creation, analysis of job ads or interview preparation



the sessions take place over Skype, and you can select the time and date based on Kate’s calendar. Each session is minimum 40 min and can last up to 90 minutes. All Kate’s preparations are done before the session, so you can really focus on the best strategies for your job search during the session

Feedback on your work

you send your application (cv, cover letter, job ad). Kate makes the corrections, sends you back the notes/comments and then you both go over it together. Then you can send the final draft after meeting.


Materials included

such as Kate Dahl’s successful CVs, cover letters, ebooks and other materials and exercises to help you with your job search

How does it work ?


  1. First you need to select the offer that fits you best Pay as you go or More for less
  2. Press “get started” and create a user account in the booking system.  Chose a date and time for your session. For the package (5 sessions) you can book your sessions within 3 months
  3. You can choose from the following topics : How to Analyze the Job Ad, Target Your Application, CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn content, How to network and the Job Interview
  4. Finally you make the payment and get ready for your session

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Are you a student or a member of a Danish organization ?


If you are unable to have a private session, you can write an email to your local job center, akasse, union, university and/or your local organization to try to get Kate Dahl’s courses for free.

Click here if you need an email template for inspiration


Do you want to listen to success stories?

 If you are interested to hear from expert guest speakers sharing their advice and strategy on how to land a job in Denmark as internationals, we invite you to join us in these webinar events. Here you will be able to meet fellow internationals, public speakers from various industries and companies. These events are a great opportunity for networking and growing your network. The events are both online and in person and usually take up to two hours. Keep yourself up to date with upcoming events by following us on LinkedIn and Facebook.


What job seekers say 

Sandra Dolnenec - Architect - CEBRA

I highly recommend reaching out to Kate, especially if you are new in Denmark. She gave me valuable tips and tricks on how to approach job searching in a Danish context. Kate is very passionate about and committed to what she does. Even long after our coaching sessions, she continued sending me leads and motivational content. 

Decebal Pompierescu - EMEA Workplace Integration and Desktop Support Analyst - Arrow ECS Denmark

Being an international in Denmark is often difficult. Here she intervenes. Kate. She helped me cross the Danish cultural borders. I was present at several of her workshops and I learned how to approach the Danish labor market. With the help of her advice I managed to get the dream job. I warmly recommend her services and advice. And last but not least, thank you Kate for doing a good job for us internationals.

Jobin George - Cloud Engineer - Cloudeon

I attended one of Kate’s online seminars. It was one of the best seminars that I have ever been to for people who are looking for better oppurtunities in Denmark . Its really helped to fine tune my job searching attempt in Denmark. She is really motivational and helpful for expats who really need inspiration for thier new challenges . Thank you Kate for your wonderful support and tips .

Ricardo Aguiar - Full Stack Developer - BestSeller

I participated in a workshop at PROSA given by Kate, and I highly recommend her advice and strategies for job searching in Denmark. Her insights into the labor market, combined with her knowledge of cultural differences and requirements to land a job successfully, are indispensable to any international building a successful career in Denmark.

Marija Milic - HR Intern - ParkShare

I would highly recommend working with Kate if you’re struggling to find a job or internship! I went from no interview invites at all to 3 interviews in one month (actually all positions that I applied for after working with Kate), and succeeded to get a very good internship position. I worked with Kate on my CV, cover letter and interview preparation, and the best thing about it that she is not the kind of person who will write it for you. Kate will teach you how to do it yourself and how to present your strengths and experiences in the best way possible by using your own voice.

Summer Juul Andersen - Project Assistant - Wicotec Kirkebjerg A/S

Kate is very personable and helpful. I went to one of her webinars and she explained differences between Denmark and the United States when it comes to employers. She explained sometimes we need to come out of our comfort zones and make the call to the hiring manager. So I did and I got a job. Had I not called I would have been overlooked.

Jakub Wójcik - Freight Forwarder Assistant - N&K Spedition A/S

I would highly recommend Kate as job consultant. Her engagement in working with expats is uncountable. Because of her tips and tricks meetings I finally started to believe in my skills and I had been preparing for job searching in this demending market as Denmark. After two couching sessions we created great CV and a motivation letter. Her ideas worked. I succeeded. I have changed my job for the one I was looking for a long time. Thanks Kate for the effort and motivation you gave me. I will come back when I will be ready for next step in my career and I will recommend Kate to my friends.

Max Riznyk - Junior Product Developer - PanzerGlass

I had already tried some other ways to get a job without any luck before I turned to Kate’s coaching. So, I was a bit skeptical about whether she could help me and if it is any worth of my money. But my skepticism proved to be wrong, as after a few sessions with Kate, I was invited for an interview. And after few interviews I had with different companies, I landed a job. Therefore, I can highly recommend Kate!

Harshila Janbandhu - IT Infrastructure Analyst - Novo Nordisk

I met Kate first time in motivational talk, Horsens. The session was good informative and heart touching. So, I contacted her to learn more about the job searching, strategies and presenting the values, which helped me in stepping into new role. I appreciate her grooming skills and her responsiveness. She helped me in expanding not only my network, but learning new skills that I will take with me in the future.

Jessica Udsen - Data Scientist - Blackwood Seven

I saw Kate give a presentation on job hunting for internationals in Denmark, and was immediately impressed. I hired her afterwards to help me with my CV and with job applications. She has been invaluable. The results were almost immediate. I was not receiving responses to my applications, but after Kate worked with me once or twice, I started getting interviews. Even more importantly, though, she sees something special and worthwhile in each client. She will work with you until you succeed, and she will have confidence in you even if you don’t have confidence in yourself. I can’t recommend her enough.

Aleksandra Edelwein - Architecture Technologist - airtime

I attended one of Kate’s Tips and Tricks Workshop in Aarhus, expecting to get to know more about the Danish job search process. And I gained much more than that! The workshop was very informative and knowledge and tools I got to know there I used over and over in my job search for a couple of months after my graduation. As an international herself, she understands problems that other internationals facing here. I like Kate’s energy and how she helped me realize how to communicate my value to Danish companies.

I highly recommend attending Kate’s workshops!

Gu Wenqian - Clinical Project Manager - Novozymes

I worked with Kate during the lockdown when I was struggling to learn Danish job market and job searching culture. Kate, from the states, gave me valuable suggestions from an expat’s perspective, which was extra valuable to me since I am an international myself.
I was very happy to work with her. Highly recommended.

Shahirah Skavenborg - Sales Executive - Labster

Hired Kate to change my CV and how to contact danish companies. Immediately things took a 180 degree turn almost right away. I got positive responses from my job applications which turned into interviews. I highly recommend Kate for foreigners in Denmark.

Aveli Koitsaar - UX Designer - ScanMarket

Kate is an amazing person with a great sense of empathy and the ability to motivate those around her. She has helped me, and so many others, in all stages of job search, from re-purposing oneself to actually getting employed. Kate has been kind to share her insights and experience in finding jobs in Denmark, and that to me has been invaluable. She is kind, determined and a great listener.

I’m happy to recommend her

Dora Calvarhas - PR & Communications - GUBI

Kate’s webinar was key in my job search in Denmark. It was organized, very well structured with decisive tips and advice. It was key to portray my personality in a job interview. The big plus were the highly experienced speakers, who really added their own experience has top HR professionals and teachers. As a result, here I am in a new country, with a new job exactly where I wanted to be. Kate’s ‘magic’ worked on me

Greg McQueen - Product Photographer - SkatePro

Kate’s drive is motivating on its own. However, when you combine that with her knowledge and experience regarding sales, Linkedin, CV, career, and job search, it motivates you to get past the things that are holding you back and move forward to achieve things that were not possible without her guidance.

Phani Manjusha - Talent Acquisition - TrustPilot

Absolute delight to attend one of her workshops. Kate is a good communicator and passionate about her work. She helped me built my LinkedIn profile and CV in a way better fashion. It was a good learning session and fun too. I definitely recommend her for those who wanted to build a better profile in Denmark.

Marta Jensen - Administrative HR - Danish Crown

Kate is very modest, but also efficient and talented. When she shares her own experiences, it is not to put herself in the spotlight, but to make us realize the challenges we are facing as internationals and the way to overcome them. Her events are full of practical tips, and she has her way of keeping everyone’s attention by involving the participants, asking relevant questions, using examples – all spiced with humor. She never pushes to follow blindly her advice, but encourages to choose the methods that fit best our situation and personality. Thanks to Kate not only I got a new job, I also learned a lot about myself. And I know who to call if I need to find a new job at some point in the future.

Jan Rezek - Innovation and Grant Consultant - Nordic Innovators

Kate is one of the most experienced people when it comes to being an expat and looking for a job in Denmark. Her insights are very helpful and on point, which is what makes her a great consultant able to deliver real results. The very same day I just mentioned that I’m considering looking for a job, Kate started to give advice after advice, not expecting anything in return. Now she took her consulting on the next level, which I think is a perfectly logical step. It is also Kate, who helped me to get where I am now – happily employed. Many thanks to you, Kate!

Olga Kudryavtseva - Biomedical scientist - Southern Denmark University

I got immense help and support from Kate during my one-year job search in Denmark. She is very creative with workshop organization and material presentation and it’s clear she knows perfectly what she talks about. It’s always not only informative but also motivating and entertaining. I was not lucky with job interviews, but I did finally get a job after listening to Kate’s advice and attending her workshop on job interview. The workshop has given me a lot of inspiration and confidence. Kate is very dedicated and clearly believes in what she does and very good at it. International job-seekers are lucky to have her!

Bonnie Lee Bogers - Country Manager - Min Bedste Bog

I attended some of Kate’s workshops on what to pay attention to when looking for jobs in Denmark and how to write a CV and cover letter fitted to Danish standards. Besides giving advice Kate has also been building a big professional network in Denmark. I was introduced to one of her connections and managed to get the job using her tips and tricks.

Adéla Hájková - Project Manager - Sustainary

I had the pleasure to attend several of Kate’s presentations and workshops on job seeking in Denmark. As an international in Aarhus myself, it was great to get advice from somebody who has been in my shoes before. Kate is a great public speaker and you can be sure to get great tips and tricks – whether it is about your CV, LinkedIn or how to handle interviews the Danish way. She was also very encouraging and I think these workshops are also a great way to expand your network. Definitely go check out some of her next presentations!

Masoomeh Atyabi - Quality Lead - Siemens Gamsea

I had the privilege to attend Kate’s workshops for job searching. She loves what she does and you could see that in her eyes. I personally got a lot of inspiration from her workshops. She is a great public speaker with a lot of enthusiasm. She has helped me in my journey as a job seeker and I definitely recommend her to any organization that needs someone with competitive skills.

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