For companies who want to reach a larger audience 📣

Network Recruiting Events 🎤

Need to find talent but not able to find the right candidate? What if the talent was right at your doorstep?

Network recruiting helps you find the right talent by creating an event that is valuable to the candidates.

Kate Dahl will create an event on job searching that will target candidates for the job openings you currently have.

She will organize everything and allow you to meet the candidates in person while scanning them, helping to show your company as being internationally friendly and open to hiring internationals in Denmark.

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Network recruiting benefits

✅ Lead generation for your organization or business (gain new pool of candidates for targeted positions).

✅ Show that you are internationally friendly as your company/organization brand and that you want to promote diversity and inclusivity in your business.

✅ Have event promoted on Career Denmark’s social media pages (8k+ followers on Facebook page and 2500+ followers on the LinkedIn page).

✅ Get access to an international pool of candidates that you couldn’t get otherwise.

✅ Have an opportunity to meet the incoming pool of candidates (online or in-person).

Odense International Community

Write Blogs on Job Search and Danish Culture ✍️

Want to gain organic leads to come to your website? Want to expand to a bigger, global market? Kate Dahl has experience in writing blogs for companies on website on topics on job searching in Denmark and on Danish culture (job portals and recruiting companies).

Want to see some sample work?
See reference and blogs below!

5 Common Mistakes Internationals Make in Job Searching in Denmark (and How to Fix It)

5 Reasons Why Danish Companies Should Hire Internationals

Post Job Ads on Career Denmark 📱

Want to get access to Career Denmark’s thousands of followers and have a job posting? We have a plan for you!

Job Posting on Social Media platform – Post your Job Ad on Career Denmark’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages. With thousands of followers, you will get candidates in no time!

SoME Posting*

350 DKK

SoME + Portal

1995 DKK

Candidate Screening

2995 DKK

Candidate Screening PRO

4995 DKK

* The fees do not include writing the job ad description. All information and materials need to be provided with the company job ad link. Job ads will be posted within 2 weeks. If there are less than 100 impressions, Career Denmark will repost the job ad at no additional cost.

Individual sessions (coaching) on LinkedIn profile, creating LinkedIn Content and how to network for your business 🤝

Pay as you go

DKK 2500.-

one individual session


DKK 6500.-

three individual sessions

Topics we cover: Feedback of your LinkedIn profile, Creating content on LinkedIn and How to network for your business.


Clients & Partners 🤝

Having been able to connect with so many candidates and partners in the last few years makes us very happy. These are some of their experiences.