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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee anyone a position after the sessions are over?

No, we do not guarantee anyone to land a position after the sessions are over. Kate Dahl gives you tools and inspirations to help you with your job search in Denmark. 

What job search strategies does Career Denmark teach?

How to Make the Call, CV, Cover Letter, How to Network, LinkedIn Profile Optimization, LinkedIn content, Targeting Your Application and Job Interview (all within a Danish cultural context)

How does coaching work?

You can go session by session or you can get a package deal of 5 sessions. The package deal comes with a job search strategy plan based on your needs and comes with a link to access my calendar so you can book me your 5 sessions at any time within a 3 month period.

The 5 sessions work as vouchers. You can do 1 session one week and one session the next but you pay upfront and you get a discount.

How long is a session?

A session is usually between 40-90 minutes, depending on the job search topic/strategy chosen.

What is included in your courses?

Each course is 3 hours long (including breaks for participants.) Not only knowledge on a topic chosen by the organization, but all courses come with an ebook.

Are you a recruiting agency?

No. Career Denmark enables internationals with job search strategy tools to help increase their chances of landing a job in Denmark for positions promoted by recruiting agencies.

What is included in the job search coaching session?

Valuable information on the Danish labor market, knowledge to help you with your job search in Denmark and materials (such as Kate Dahl’s successful CVs, cover letters and other materials and exercises to help you with your job search). It also includes preparation work time before the start of the session and 1 final feedback for exercises and/or CV, cover letter and applications after the session. You have 1 week to give your final drafts/exercises for feedback. 

How long is a motivational talk event?

The motivational speech is 1.5 hrs. (including a small break). Then 30 minutes of questions will be allowed for participants to ask questions to Kate Dahl. So the event is 2 hrs. in total

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