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We provide workshops to help internationals in being trained properly for job searching in the Danish labor market

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The Workshops

Events for organisations (A-kasse, unions, job centers/municipalities and newcomer services) where Kate Dahl trains the members on different topics

How to Analyze the Job Ad - Fear of Rejection

 Here Kate talks about how to go about facing your fears when making the call, how to analyze the job ad (whether to call, email, what to do when there is no number or contact email), how to formulate the right questions, as well as making a call role play.

Optimization of your LinkedIn profile - The Danish Market

In this workshop Kate talks about SEO, LinkedIn settings, how to have a strong LinkedIn profile and how to structure and format it. 

Preparing for the Job Interview in Denmark

In this workshop, Kate talks about what questions to prepare for and how to go about the job interview in a Danish cultural context. 

Changing Your Career in Denmark - How to Reinvent Yourself

Here Kate discusses her methodologies in helping internationals in analyzing the Danish labor market, reflecting themselves their own skills and competences and how to make a different career shift based on what there is a need or lack of in the market. 

Targeting your Application for the Danish Labor Market

Here Kate discusses in this course how to take all the information from the job ad and the conversations had by the HR/recruiter/decision maker and putting it into a full application for CV and motivational letter. This is course for those who already understand the basics of the Danish CV style. 

How to Network in Denmark

Here Kate teaches how to network on LinkedIn, at events, how to find the relevant people, how to connect and how to do coffee meetings (online and in-person). This course is for those who already have a good LinkedIn profile.

The CV - Communicating your Value Danish Style

This is a workshop that I give to those who are not familiar with making a CV in a Danish cultural context, but Kate uses her own tips and tricks with the CV based on my successful experiences

Getting Noticed by Danish Companies - Creating LinkedIn Content

 Here Kate talks about how to go about facing your fears when making the call, how to analyze the job ad (whether to call, email, what to do when there is no number or contact email), how to formulate the right questions, as well as making a call role play.

Body Language

Networking in Denmark (physical course only) or Body Language: The Job Interview in Denmark (physical course only)

Workshops Benefits

Career Denmark’s workshops include the following: 

  1. An ebook for the participants
  2. Online meeting system or travel expenses
  3. An event coordinator
  4. Certificate of participation for participants
  5. Working group for participants to join after workshop is over
  6. Promotion on all SoMe channels (Career Denmark has over 6K followers on their Facebook page, 2,500K+ followers on their LinkedIn page and Kate Dahl has approx 8K on her LinkedIn profile. Every every that she promotes on her social media platforms and networks fills up quickly.

Your job consultant: Kate Dahl

Why Career Denmark?

– Gives Practical and Personal Approach
– Internationals Relate to Kate Dahl
– Invest in Denmark’s Future Economy


Our Network

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What partners say 

Mette Hebel - Development Consultant - Herning Kommune

I asked Kate Dahl to give an inspirational talk about having a career in Denmark as an international at our annual Expat Fair in Herning. The talk gave great insights, tips and inspiration, and got a lot of positive feedback from audience. It was delivered very professionally and with a sympathetic personal touch to it.

Bjarke Friborg - Organizer - PROSA

Kate Dahl does an excellent job in reaching out to internationals in Denmark. Combining insights from her personal as well as her professional background she provides valuable advice and services to an important part of the labour force that is too often overlooked by others. I give her my warmest recommendations.

Bo Sune Christensen - Chief Consultant - Konstruktørforeningen

Kate held a webinar for us on how to make a career in Denmark. It was interesting to hear her personal story and get her experiences within the Danish labor market – and receive some tips to be a success working in Denmark.

Paula Bleanch - President - International Network Horsens

In September 2020, I asked Kate to come and give a presentation for International Network Horsens. The event was a great success and we received some fantastic feedback from the participants. They appreciated Kate’s presentation style and said that the presentation was fun but also provided very useful information. They loved Kate’s energy and the personal information that she shared about her jobseeking story. They could really relate to her and found the event to be motivating and inspirational. Kate has a professional attitude and is easy to work with and we would not hesitate to ask Kate back to Horsens again to share her knowledge. She’s really good at what she does.

Tomasz Otap - IT Director - Move On Career Aps

We’ve collaborated with Kate on several occasions in connection with our job bases for academics and students in Denmark (Jobbank.dk). Drawing upon her own experiences, Kate produced for us several articles concerning internationals entering the Danish job market. Kate’s articles gave great insight to both the difficulties faced by internationals during their job search in Denmark, as well as solutions and answers to the most common problems. For HR-managers, her articles provided valuable insights into the “why” and “how” of establishing an international culture and doors for internationals in the workplace.
Kate has a knack for conveying her great insights in a way, that’s both engaging and interesting, while her personal experiences give her an advantage of a first-person view of the subject concerned. Her articles proved to be exceedingly popular and her broad reach on social media has contributed to make them a great success.

Aleksandra Natalia Jensen - Spouse Consultant - Odense International Community

We hired Kate to do a talk for international job seekers on her personal story and experiences with job search in Denmark. She delivered the message in a very straightforward and honest way with a lot of reflection on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the situations she has found herself in during the process of applying for, getting and leaving the positions she has had. The talk gave the audience a deeper understanding of the different aspects of job search in a Danish context and – Kate being an international herself – a new dimension of the topic in question.

Allan Nielsen - Senior Consultant - KarriereCoach

Back in Nov. of 2019, Kate organized an event to help promote the KarriereCoach brand and services through social media. We did a collaboration on a workshop together. 

To be in the presence of Kate is to be in the presence of passion, and energy for making a difference for others. As an International herself, she is acutely attuned to the issues and challenges facing international job seekers here in Denmark. Insightful, and funny is balanced by a serious and professional approach to every candidate. She’s great to collaborate with, and will definitely, and powerfully impact any group you put her in front of. Totally and whole-heartedly recommended!

Ole Grønne - Negotiation Consultant - Dansk Magisterforening

Kate organized a talk for us at Dansk Magisterforening in Aarhus. It was a talk about telling her story and experiences in how she got different jobs in Denmark. Her story was relatable, interpersonal and was very moving. In addition, she talked about the importance of joining a union in helping to protect international’s rights in Denmark. More than 85 + internationals participated, which was very successful and led to many of them signing up for membership. She is a very talented public speaker and I would highly recommend her.

Eva L. H. Pedersen - Research and Recruiting Consultant - WolterJohannsen Recruitment

Does your company also need to focus on international recruiting? Kate Dahl is the one to go to! 

As a recruiting company we experience many internationals across industries struggle with landing a job in Denmark. Kate Dahl shares her personal experience to help those in a similar situation, and she possesses a sincere passion for making a difference for other internationals. Thanks to her, we hosted an event for internationals that led to more visibility and activity on our social media sites (10% follower increase on our LinkedIn page and 70% follower increase on our Facebook page) we were introduced to many internationals who shared their stories and gave us insight that inspired us to create content for our blog.

Sigrun Schaumburg- Müller - International coordinator - Studenterhus Aarhus

Kate Dahl gave a presentation at Studenterhus Aarhus under the heading ‘Get Started on Using LinkedIn.’ The presentation was perfectly adapted to the target group: International Students. It was relevant, entertaining, easily understandable and useful. Kate throughout the process of working with her proved competent, careful and cooperative.


Rikke Skak Harboe - Communications Coordinator - International House North Aalborg

Kate gave a presentation at the International House North Denmark where she shared her experience with finding a job in Denmark as well as advice and tips on how to find a job. We were very impressed with her presentation as it was both entertaining and very useful for the participants. We recommend Kate as a speaker within job search, a-kasse, motivation and inspiration


Knud Lund Petersen - Career Coach - HK

Kate assisted HK by being a recruiter at our stand at one of the career day boothes in Aarhus. She was great at coming up to internationals to give feedback on their CV, how to brand themselves for the Danish labor market and talking to internationals on the importance of being in a union. She was great to work with on the stand and was very interpersonal and approachable. As a result, many internationals signed up to be HK members.

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